undaunted and exploding daily
these waking trees kneel at your feet, more alive than I am.
this is going to be our cloudy day;
we're floating on them, going fast.
seeing a dead moon, a ghost in the sun.
yanking up like the phantom top step in the dark.
almost flying again, all these ivory cores
all these wrinkles and a messy ocean of insides begging to either be
released or held tighter, nothing inbetween.
these bitter lips on my outside
say to you that I'm not ready to stop rolling. it's what I do, I roll
on and on. this momentum kisses my neck of years, over my locket and
under my charms. purple love bite, it's just a burn, it's just a bruise.
this is why I'll die young and happy someday in a thousand different
realities. where everything is different but nothing really changes.