I fall in love with anything that separates me from myself, if even just for a moment.
everything that distracts me inescapably has all the vessels of my drafty heart until I remember where I am, and what I am, and the disgustingly beautiful sphere I stand on,
atmosphere above and obsidian below,
I'm smitten and dizzy when I remember the angled rotation, that perfect revolution. there no longer is an up, or a down for that matter; there really never was.
in the very end, all matter is the same matter, all the same one hundred and fifteen elemental paradigms of matter, quivering in the same anxious waltz, just waiting to be acquainted with a new partner, little feet deathly exhausted though they may be.
every single time the atoms dance in front of my lonely eyes, I fall in and out of love instantly, thrown at the brightest star, and then pushed into the darkest abyss.