breathe in and let murmuration out, with a shape of water on expensive stonehenge. touch it, let it swell, fill the shape. I had a dream last night about touching the wood on the windowsill of a window we've since replaced, it was blonde and smooth and had glue peeling on the edge. I would kneel on the couch and watch from there with peach, rest my head on her strong shoulder. maybe I need to be alone for a few days. there was a family of rabbits living under the shed in my back yard, they were scared and clean. I was an enemy, a clumsy four year old, my stupid bowl cut and my mom watching me so close from the kitchen or the swingset. why am I so fucking careful like her, do you feel something weird going on? I have this thing lately where I feel like everything is absolutely done. not perfect, or complete or without flaw, but left alone. it's new and it's okay to leave things alone.