when I can sleep, I sleep for years and weightlessly kiss them under both earlobes, balancing some sparkly want to spread down to both big toes. a water nymph sinking to the surface to break ground to breathe next to the sun, kicking us hard when we tell her she's just a little bit of foam, something vulgar. when you pull at me like a child on a hilltop in a storm that knows what lightning will do, will you burn mazes into my lazy marrow when you grab my wrists and pin them to the wall? will you shut my mouth with your chest when I smile and savor what pushes me, savor the will to push back. when even my scape wills me to be quiet, what part of the world am I allowed to let the air from you, plunge out and hit the note it wants to find in my neck? I'm alone wondering if you have seen me with your eyes closed, if you get dizzy with the piece of me in your temple. I feel like I'm there, right above your eyebrows, grabbing your peachiest parts in a sunny half dream.