forget me nots, breakfast in a hotel bed, these blankets breathe their
secrets onto our pale legs. the road again, feeling like a movie. not
a movie star, just an extra. extra what? extra gum, chewing chewing
chewing, jaw falls off, happy collapse of beautiful mint.
sightsees, sight, sea, smile snap snap snap. make me remember these
weird years. airports, my dream of being a flight attendant has yet
to be realised, mostly because I'm only 17 but partly because I still
don't know if you have to go to a special school for it or what? I
want to be the one in the outfit who pours the drinks onto the ice,
recite that tale of what to do if we all go down. I can feel everyone
thinking about it, hearts beat faster, you can hear it this time. home
home home home fresh white sheets white quilt, caramel and white dog
laying at my feet telling me that he thought I'd never come home, but
he'd wait for me anyway if that was indeed the case. oh, puppy. breathe
deeply in, don't forget this.