it's like seeing gorgeously familiar eyes out of the corner of your own lonely ones when you're in a somewhat big, dark, confusing place and having them pull on your heart as if it's a squirming fish fighting for its life and love on the end of a fishing line and the eyes are giving you goosebumps on your arms and you have that funny and very deeply enjoyable feeling which makes you giggle like a schoolgirl that you get in the very pit of your tummy when your bumpy, little white foreign car speeds right over one of those belly tickling hills in the desert or the country and you get the same feeling when you kiss a cute boy in the basement closet at a party that you went to precisely for the chance of being in there with the ironing boards and the vacuum cleaner and him and knowing right then that you are indeed thinking of someone and that you really do have them tucked and curled up cozy right in the back shadows of your seemingly indifferent mind and there finally is a soft, warm light that's slowly and dramatically turned on this all but forgotten corner of your brain, and this little someone looks up and smiles right at your face and they look you straight in the eyes and beam widely back and look beautiful and you then beckon them forward with your shaking index finger, with your chipped nail polish and your nervous, bitten fingernail, and they're returned to their old, well-worn spot which was in the outermost front places of your thoughts and they're applauded back to their rightly seat like a hero back from a bloody and vast war, limping and having nightmares that make it hard to sleep at night, and even through all this, this little person that you've loved so long is still brilliant and sweetly happy and in a pool of sunshine.